Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It's Kind of Funny Now, But When It Happened...

Gather 'round poodins and humans, I've got a story to tell that will explain why I've posted this image. On the morning of my sixth day with the two-legged one, she came to check on me before she left for work. When the TLO noticed that I hadn't used the litter box during the night, which I had always done before, she began to worry. Because I didn't seem to be eating any of the food or drinking any of the water that the TLO put out for me, she was concerned that I had become sick or worse. She called and called me but I wouldn't answer, no sirreee, not me. The TLO looked everywhere she could think of without success. She then phoned a friend and asked her to come over and help find me. After her friend arrived, they searched behind and under all of the furniture, in all of the closets, in the bathtub, under the kitchen sink, behind the appliances, on top of the cupboards, behind books, in the recycle bins, etc., etc.. Then they started looking in places that they thought were very unlikely to hold a kitty cat. While Becky was in the living room moving the couch cushions around, the TLO began opening chest drawers and rummaging under the clothes. Lo and behold, when she opened an overstuffed drawer containing shirts, there I was, folded up like the cat in the cartoon!

How I happened to be there goes a little something like this: During my first week with the TLO, I hid from her because I just didn't understand why I'd been transported to a new place that was occupied by a strange human. One day, when I was watching the TLO from behind a big desk, she left a drawer open in one of her dressers. After she exited the room, I took advantage of the opportunity to secure an even smaller hiding place by jumping in and squeezing myself into a tiny space at the back of the drawer. Later, the TLO put some fresh smelling clothes on top of me, closed the drawer, and departed the room for the night. I kept very quiet so as not to give away my new hidey hole. At first, I was really happy to be all snug but then it began to get very stuffy and cramped. Still, I didn't make a sound, even after the TLO found me. I just waited for her to move the clothes out of my way and then I jumped out and scampered to my hiding place behind the desk. The TLO was very relieved to have found me, but was also upset that she'd accidentally trapped me in the drawer and upset that I hadn't meowed to get out!

Now that we're much more comfortable with each other, we chuckle about this incident. I think it will take a bit more time before we're able to full-out laugh about it, though.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another Much Loved Kitty

I was browsing around the two-legged one's computer files and ran across a folder full of pictures of another cat. At first, I was kind of jealous and wondered who this kitty was and why the TLO had so many pictures of her. The TLO told me that the kitty's name is Gertie and that she lived here before me. The TLO said that Gertie was her fur friend for a really long time and that she went to the Rainbow Bridge last summer. It seems that Gertie was a very special cat who made the TLO very happy. The TLO loved her so much that when Gertie went to the Bridge, she thought she'd never be able to have another fur friend 'cuz her heart thingy was all broken. Still, when the TLO heard about me needing a home, she decided to meet me and see what her heart had to say. After learning more about how I'd been on my own for a long time and seeing my pretty little feet, her heart opened up and she took me in. It ain't all been catnip and crunchies since then, but I now feel very loved by the TLO and she feels very loved by me and that's good for both our heart thingies.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Ooooh, see this weird picture of me? I don't look like myself! What's going on? Maybe it's one of those aura picture thingies that show your energy stuff. Yep, that's what it must be. I think I'm shrouded in blue because when this picture was taken, I was all relaxed and happy. I feel that way whenever it's bath time. If you look closely, you can see I'm licking my washcloth, er, I mean paw. I know I'm all safe and my tummy is usually full of yummy Wellness food. Yessiree bob, I think that's what's going on. On the other paw, maybe I've had too much honeysuckle today...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

It's Scary Sometimes

There I am getting ready to run into my closet and hide. I do that every time someone knocks on the door to our apartment. The two-legged one tells me that everything is okay and no one is going to hurt me, but I'm not so sure. I feel safer being inside my closet, tucked into my hidey hole. Some of the voices that I've heard sound like they belong to nice people who'd be good at patting me and rubbing my head. After spending so much time on my own, trusting people can be kind of tough, though. The TLO and I are going to keep working on it. In the meantime, the TLO has pictures of me and plenty of cat hair to prove that I actually exist.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Just Can't Stop It

Edsel had us talking about our names recently. How 'bout nicknames? The two-legged one has begun calling me "Crazy Legs." Why? Because first thing in the morning, I zoom around our apartment at about 80 miles-per-hour. I bounce off the walls and furniture, slide across the hardwood floor, and pounce on any toys in my path. I don't know what makes me do this - I just get so excited that another day has begun! The TLO says that I have ants in my pants but I don't think that's right 'cuz I don't have pants. We do have ants though.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

All Mine!

I made my chair choice. See my chair? It's nice and comfy and it's by the window and the thing that blows cool air when it's hot outside. I really like it a lot. The two-legged one doesn't use it very often. My Auntie Ruth likes it so we may have to share it when she comes to visit.

The other exciting thing in my life of late is this big box that's in the bedroom that I share with the two-legged one. The big box started out in the living room and at first, I didn't like it very much. I jumped inside it while I was exploring and I couldn't get out! Now that it's in the bedroom, I can jump on it and look out the window. I can jump onto it from the bed and back. I can jump from it to my window perch and back. The two-legged one tucked a couple of my toys into the hand grips cut into the box and it's fun to bat at them. Max and Buddah are right, boxes are a blast!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Little Culture Before Bed

Sometimes before we go to bed, the two-legged one reads to me from her cat poem book. Here's an interesting one called "This Is My Chair" by Paul Gallico:

This is my chair.
Go away and sit somewhere else.
This one is all my own.
It is the only thing in your house that I possess
And insist upon possessing.
Everthing else therein is yours.
My dish,
My toys,
My basket,
My scratching post and my ping-pong ball;
You provided them for me.
This chair I selected for myself.
I like it,
It suits me.
You have the sofa,
The stuffed chair
And the footstool.
I don't go and sit on them do I?
Then why cannot you leave me mine,
And let us have no further argument?

So far, I haven't selected a chair, but I've got my eye on a couple of them. When I figure out which the two-legged one likes best, I'll make my choice. ((o;

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Takin' a Break

Edsel/The Pooch had some fresh 'nip to soothe his jangled nerves a bit. My two-legged one gave me what's proving to be one of my favorite things - a soft toy with honeysuckle in the middle. Oh, I love it! It makes me feel all happy so I roll around and pretend like I'm flying upside down.

Then I'm back to sending positive thoughts to every animal and every human on the Gulf Coast.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


The first picture shows all the toys that I've bought for Miss Kitty (or M as I sometimes call her). The second one shows her absolute favorite things to play with - both homemade. Can any beans or poodies shed light on this phenomenon?