Friday, October 28, 2005

Lots O' Fun

The two-legged one made this activity center for me out of a Lands End box. She puts balls or other toys inside and I jump in and try to bat them out of the holes. It's fun! I also like to just sit in the box and meditate like Sheriff Jinky. Sometimes I jump in and pretend to dig in the box. The TLO gets a little nervous when I do that - she's afraid I'm going to use my activity center as a litter box! What does she take me for, some uncouth beast?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Feels Like A Bed To Me

I'm all cozy here on the two-legged one's purse. She's bought about 4 different beds for me but I like curling up on her purse when she leaves it on the floor. It's quilted for extra warmth and comfort and it smells interesting. I detect odors from dogs, other cats, and other humans. Sometimes it even smells like food. I overheard the TLO talking to her sister about how she was going to trick me into using one of the fancy beds by putting quilted material over it. We'll just see about that TLO!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

Here I am contemplating the night scene outside my apartment. I'm drawn to the mysterious sights and sounds that come after the sun goes down. The wind whispers through the trees, the crickets strike up their melancholy song, dogs click by on the concrete, and other cats sometimes meet in the shadows. I feel safe inside the door, yet I sometimes feel a longing to wander the dark lanes around my home. For now, though, I'm content to be an observer. The two-legged one really needs me to watch over her and as I've said before, she's not bad for a human. She says that she'd take me outside if I put on a harness and a leash. This strikes me as indicative of some sort of fetish of the TLO's but I will take it under advisement.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Puzzling Picture

Can any kitties, doggies, or humans tell what's going on in this picture? I know it's me doing one of the things that the two-legged one thinks is very cute. She uses that word a lot when she talks to her friends about me. Some other words she uses are smart, playful, loving, stealthy, beautiful, furry, drooling, and weird. What words would I use to describe her? Hmmmmm...she tends to be punctual with my food (except for weekend mornings), generous with toys, attentive to my demands for petting, a little bit needy (I can tell that she wants me to sit on her lap or chest for a cuddle, but I'm not having any of that), and weird (sometimes she crawls around on the floor and she makes strange kissy noises with her mouth, just to name a couple of her eccentricities). Feel free to share words that your humans apply to you or that you apply to your humans. By the way, my blog settings now allow anonymous comments, you just have to do the word verification thingy.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Step Off!

Sorry, no picture for this post. I have discovered that I am a fierce watch cat! The two-legged one has been leaving the front door open to let in some fresh air and whenever some one gets close to our little porch, I crawl towards the door, puff up, and growl real deep in my throat. That sends them all scampering away - it must because they never actually appear at the door. So I am here to say "be warned people, doggies, squirrels, and bugs, I am a ferocious kitty and I cannot be held responsible for my actions if you approach too closely to my territory - REOWR!!!"