Monday, December 19, 2005

I Wonder....

Greetings to all humans, cats, bunnies, dogs, and other creatures. I'm sitting in my cuddle cup pondering life's mysteries. There sure are a lot of them. Love, loss, blessings, suffering...the list goes on and on. The two-legged one says that now that my need for food and shelter is being met, I've got more energy to devote to deep thinking. She also says that I shouldn't spend too much time thinking because even philosopher cats need to maintain a balance between thought and action. I responded by tagging her on the nose and running off to hide. You're it TLO!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Portrait In Purple

Hello all my blogging friends. The two-legged one got creative with a photo of me that my auntie took when she visited at Thanksgiving. The TLO used her picture editing software to apply two "illusions" - Chunky Chalk and Plastic Wrap -plus some colorizing to create this special portrait of me. I can't understand why she went to all that fuss. I'm beautiful enough without the use of any "illusions"! Maybe the TLO got carried away after I actually let her kiss me on my head. Little did she know that I felt a bug crawling around up there and I wanted her to take it off. I don't know where the bug went - all I know is that it was gone after she smooched me.

By the way, the TLO thinks that the area of black fur on my side is in the shape of a particular animal. Any guesses?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

'Tis the Season

Last night, it snowed pretty much for the first time this winter here in Northern Virginia. I'm all comfy on my fleecy pad, contemplating how nice it is to be safe in a home with the two-legged one. This time last year, I was living outside my foster mother's home. I'd show up at her front porch at midnight and she'd put food out for me. I was so scared of people that I wouldn't let her get close to me. I'd just meow my thanks for the food, eat, and hide in the bushes again. It got so cold after a while that she created a shelter for me with a heating pad inside. I gladly took up residence inside it. She was such a nice lady! Now, I've got a home with the TLO who has been trained to anticipate my every need. Life is good. It is my wish for the holiday season that all cats, dogs, bunnies, and humans will be in a safe, warm place and know that they are loved.